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Wellsville 14 Inch Carboncool™ Mattress

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The latest breakthrough in science creates a more comfortable mattress. CarbonCool™ combines the outstanding thermal conductivity of graphite-infused memory foam with the temperature regulation of Omniphase™ phase change material to ensure the optimum sleep temperature through the night. This 14-inch mattress has a 3-inch layer of CarbonCool™ + Omniphase™ infused memory foam at the surface for advanced temperature control. A response foam layer and 9-inch supportive foam base provide pressure-relief and support of a quality memory foam mattress.

    • Omniphase™ Phase Change Material (PCM) cover provides the industry's most advanced temperature regulation
    • Graphite- and PCM-infused memory foam comfort layer at the mattress surface
    • A proprietary application of best temperature-regulating technology in the industry
    • Dual memory foam layers
    • Made in the USA