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Serta icomfort

About Serta iComfort

Beyond Memory Foam

These days, more and more people prefer a memory foam mattress for its pressure relieving comfort, conforming support, and exceptional motion separation. Even so, traditional memory foam technology hasn't changed much since it was invented more than 40 years ago. While traditional memory foam can provide remarkable comfort to many, others find that memory foam mattresses can sleep too hot, sink in too deeply, or make it hard to change positions during the night. The iComfort Sleep System by Serta features CoolAction Gel Memory Foam, which is the world's first memory foam infused with the support and cooling touch of Serta's MicroSupport gel.

CoolAction Material

Heat can build up during the night and create an uncomfortable and restless sleep environment. While ordinary memory foam can trap heat against the body, Serta's CoolAction material combines an open cell structure and MicroSupport gel to dramatically increase airflow and wick sweat away from the body. This gel memory foam is up to 12 times more breathable than ordinary memory foam and helps the iComfort series provide a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience.

Cooling Pressure Relief

CoolAction Gel Memory Foam is designed to deliver the feeling of traditional memory foam while improving and expanding upon the traditional foam's limitations. What differentiates Cool Action material is the MicroSupport gel, which is infused into premium memory foam to create a luxuriously comfortable, more supportive, and cooler sleep surface. Only Serta's CoolAction material contains millions of MicroSupport gel beads infused into premium, open-celled memory foam. This proprietary process creates a cooler, more breathable, and more supportive memory foam.

Better, Healthier Sleep

The revolutionary new memory foam in the Serta iComfort series is designed to deliver superior pressure relief and a more targeted support while sleeping cooler than ordinary memory foam. Also, Serta iComfort mattresses are antimicrobial and dust mite resistant to help protect the mattress and sleepers from potential allergens.

Experience the iComfort Difference

Mattress Don is proud to offer iComfort mattresses at the lowest prices on the web. These mattresses are an excellent choice for restless sleepers and those who struggle with chronic pain, as the gel memory foam will help to diminish painful and sleep disrupting pressure points. Find your iComfort mattress today!