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Sex on an adjustable bed

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Sex on an adjustable bed                                     S

Sex on an adjustable bed

Valentine’s Day is next week, that time of year when everyone starts thinking about slipping between the sheets with that special someone. At Rize, we know that you do more in your bed than just sleep. Usually, though, people are afraid to come out and ask – what about sex on an adjustable bed? If you’re thinking about an adjustable bed, or if you have one already, and you’ve always wanted to know – read on! We’re not scared.

Perfect Position

The most obvious thing to say about an adjustable bed is that it adjusts. You can move the head and foot up and down to get your bodies into different positions. While that’s great for things like opening your airways and relieving aches and pains, it also introduces new ways to come together.

Then it stays in place, unlike a pillow, to keep that position supported for longer without your muscles getting tired or your arm falling asleep. Sitting up? Yes. Knees up? Yes. And if you have a split bed, you can get one side higher than the other. Some beds even allow the legs to go almost all the way up. So there’s lots of room for experimentation. Just trying something new can add a little spice to date night.

It’s not all-or-nothing, either. You can move the bed incrementally to get it to just the right angle, and if you don’t like it, just move it back!

Other Benefits

Adjustable bases these days come loaded with extra features. Many of them have a massage, and while it’s not deep-tissue relaxation, a little rumble on your mattress can start things tingling.

How about ambiance? If you get a power base with a USB outlet on the side you can plug a device in to listen, or watch, whatever helps the mood. Under-bed lights can give the room a gentle illumination to see your lover without any harsh overhead lights. Goes great with candles.

And you may never think of it, but support is important too. You don’t want an annoying squeak to ruin the mood, which can happen with a metal bed frame or platform bed. Not to mention that the solid base means you don’t have to worry about breaking any slats or falling through that antique bed.


Obviously, the bed, while important, isn’t the only thing adding to your bedtime enjoyment. Make sure your mattress is up to snuff. Has it been more than 8 years since you changed it? It’s probably due for a replacement. That way you can get something that will be comfortable and supportive, and won’t have sagging, lumps, or loud springs that will make your date uncomfortable.

What kind of mattress is best for romance? People have actually rated that. Latex is generally preferred, but many people like pocketed coil (coils encased in foam) because they provide support, spring, and don’t squeak. Both of these work great with an adjustable bed.

You’ll also want to make sure your room is ready. Clean it up, add some stimulating smells, update your décor and your sheets (here are some tips on romantic decorating) – taking time with the space before your date arrives shows you care.

Romantic bedroom decorating ideas

You don't have to have a huge budget to make your bedroom romantic - keep it clean, add some luxe fabrics and accents, and create mood lighting to transform the space.

Avoiding Issues

As with anything, there are things to consider before you jump in. Be aware of your date’s physical limitations – there are few things less sexy than back pain.

If you have a split bed, which is a bed that’s made up of 2 bases and 2 mattresses, that can be great when you want to sleep in separate conditions. But when you’re snuggling up you don’t want to fall down the crack between the beds. Try a mattress cover that bridges the gap, and make sure your bases are secured by using a strap so they don’t slide apart at a bad moment.

Make sure you know how to use the bed, too. No one wants to sit and wait while you fiddle with the remote. Look up a few positions that look interesting and know how to get your bed there.


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